CD Duplication

CD duplication is the process of creating multiple copies of data or content onto recordable CDs, typically in smaller quantities, often up to 500 discs. This method is widely used for distributing music, software, promotional materials, and more. In the realm of service, we stands out as a leading UK-based company. With our professional CD duplication services, we can swiftly duplicate thousands of CDs daily. This ensures that your deadlines are consistently met without any failure. Our commitment is to provide you with efficient, high-quality CD making services that cater to your needs.

Perfectly Replicated Soundtracks

Your music is your passion, your art, and your voice. When it comes to sharing your talent with the world, every note matters. Our CD Production Services for Musicians and Bands are your gateway to perfectly replicated soundtracks.

Why choose us for your music?

  Sound Purity: We ensure the highest sound quality, capturing the nuances and emotions of your music.
  Professional Presentation: Impress your fans and clients with professionally duplicated CDs.
  Quantity Flexibility: Whether you need 100 or 1000 copies, we’ve got you covered.


Stress-Free, Quick Turnaround

We understand that musicians and bands have tight schedules. That’s why we offer a stress-free and quick turnaround for your CD production needs.

  Fast Service: Get your duplicated CDs promptly, so you can focus on what you do best – making music.
  Quality Assurance: Our stringent quality checks ensure that every CD is a masterpiece.
  Budget-Friendly: Achieve your dreams without breaking the bank.

Get Started with CD Duplication Options


CD Duplication in Card Wallet

Introducing our Card CD Wallets, the perfect fusion of style and functionality. These slim, compact and lightweight card wallets are more than just storage; they’re a statement of your musical passion.

Choose from the Wallet Typle

CD Duplication in Jewel Case

Our Jewel Case duplication service is a premium offering designed to provide you with a touch of elegance and enhanced protection for your music. The Jewel Case adds a professional and stylish presentation to your CDs, making them more appealing to your audience. Additionally, it offers robust protection, shielding your discs from scratches and damage.

Choose Jewel Case for a superior and visually striking way to present and preserve your CDs.

CDs in Jewel Cases - Jewel Case Insert with Printed CD

CD Duplication in Digipak

Our Digipak duplication service is a premium choice that merges functionality with a striking visual appeal. Opting for this service means you’ll receive expertly duplicated CDs presented in Digipak cases, offering a range of variations.

The Digipak adds a touch of sophistication to your CD collection, making it visually appealing and suitable for professional use. This service combines aesthetics and durability, ensuring that your content remains in pristine condition while leaving a lasting impression on your audience. CD in Digipak is the perfect choice for those who desire both style and protection for their CDs.

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