4 Panel CD Digipak Printing – Digipak with 4 Panel

4 Panel Digipak

While having a single plastic clear digi tray on the inner right panel of the 4 panel CD digipak, we can also provide the slot on the left side to keep standard size CD booklet. If you request we can place the booklet into an open tunnel pocket on the left-side panel. We offer a choice to keep double CDs with double digi trays for 4 panel digipak. Professional finish on the digipak and the discs for short-run duplication job as well as high volume replication jobs.

  Choice of gloss or matt lamination
  Full-colour printing on digipak and CD
  Free UK delivery
  Free artwork checks

If audio files or DDP master exceed 100MB please send the files via Wetransfer

“Digipak” is a registered trademark of an American company. Our digipacks are made with high-quality digital printing on 300gsm SBS boxboard. High rigid and durable digipak cases are the most popular disc packaging option nowadays. To enhance your disc packaging experience we offer 6-panel digipak besides 4-panel digipak with gloss or matt finish or matt finish with the spot lamination. We make A5 size taller version for the DVD with all the variations.

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